Welcome to the Strain Xchange, Come and Grow Your Business with Us!

We created the STRAIN XCHANGE as a safe marketplace for Breeders, Growers and Cannabis Vendors of Equipment, Nutrients and Soil. HERE, you will be able to Shop for and Sell your Seeds, Clones and Cannabis Products while also providing Social platform to network and interact with the cannabis community.

For the local breeders who don’t have the platform to sell their products, we enable you to have a global marketplace at your fingertips. We also enable you to find that sought after product(s) you need to advance your brand.

As a consumer, you can use the STRAIN XCHANGE to find literally any genetic you’ve been looking for; as always, the Hunt is on!


Empower Yourself


Strain Xchange is the leading platform connecting growers, breeders and equipment providers. We enable growers and breeders through collaboration and interaction. 
Growers use Strain Xchange to get access to rare strains without having to grow and take care of multiple mother plants. Breeders use Strain Xchange to offer the seeds, clones and pollen they breed, while at the same time getting access to more cultivars multiplying the breeding possibilities. All members can follow each other and get notified whenever a new item is listed… thus staying on top of the most recent drops! Our verification processes and rating system provide a safe environment to collaborate.
We believe growers and breeders can overcome their challenges together and unlock new possibilities.
We are strong advocates of open-source breeding and biodiversity preservation.

New Product Arrivals

MAC V2 #1 Female Fresh cut Clone


Sweet Tart X Fruity Pebbles OG (5-pack REGS)


Banana Punch X Zweet OG (5-pack REGS)


Mendo breath (breeder clone)


Strain X Change Auctions

Finally, a space to hold Seed and Clone Auctions

No needless restrictions placed on you by other platforms.

We will provide the platform, you supply the genetics

DIB auctions, items are posted at a set price, you want one, you DIB on it

LIVE Auctions, you bid against each other in a traditional Auction: so much fun and while building your catalog of beans or clones

New Vendors

Americann cultivars



Canna Steve

Cookson grown


Best Sellers

Patriot Seeds Bulk Zombie D.F. Feminised Seeds


Patriot Seeds Bulk Tangie Power Feminised Seeds


Patriot Seeds Bulk Zkittlez x Grapefruit Bubblegum Feminised Seeds


Patriot Seeds Bulk Zkittlez Feminised Seeds


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